How to create a travel plan in the app?

As an answer to some questions you have sent us we begin here a series of small tutorials to get deep into some aspects of the app. Let’s start with one of the topics that has generated more inquiries: how to define a travel plan and download it to the phone.

The steps we must follow are:

1-.We select ‘My Trips’ tab

2-.In this tab we can either see/edit a travel plan already created by clicking on it, or create a new one by clicking on the ‘+’ icon located in the upper part of the screen on the right side.

3-.In this screen (New Trip) we have to fill in the following information:

  • The name you want to give to the trip
  • Start and ending date
  • Place where you will be travelling. If you are offline the app shows you the list of maps that have downloaded to your device. If you are online you have to select the continent of your trip (of course you must select a continent that has POIs in the app, look for it on the web, in the coverage section).
  • Location in the map: clicking here you go to a new screen where a map is displayed.

4-.In this screen we have to choose the window for the trip, you have to select a window broad enough to include all the places you want to visit. We press the ‘Origin’ button and select a point on the map, then we press the ‘Destination’ button and select a new point. Both of them form the travel window. Once you have defined it, you have to press ‘Close’.

5-.On the New Trip screen you press the ‘Add trip’ button and you return to the main screen of My Trips, and the travel plan is already created.

At this point we have a new travel plan created but the travel plan is empty. Now we have to give it content and include the POIs we want to visit. Let’s see how:


6-.We enter the travel plan we have created browsing through the set of plans and pressing on it.

7-.When we see the travel plan we see the first day of the trip and then we can move through the different days of the plan. To add POIs you have to press on the ‘Edit’ button on the upper part of the screen.

8-.We need to define the origin, destination, and points to visit during the Morning and Evening. In order to do that, select the ‘Edit’ or the ‘Add New’ buttons.

9-.We can add these points according to the four options that are presented:

  • Map. Select POIs on the map of the trip.
  • Ranking. We select our POIs according to a ranking ordered by its score.
  • User. Here we define a different point, it can be a place you want to visit and is not in the app, or the origin and destination of the day…
  • Groups. We choose a POI that we have previously stored in a user group.


10-.Depending on the option we have chosen, different screens are shown but in the end we will select a place that is added to the travel plan.

11-.We repeat steps from 9 to 10 as many times as we want for each day of the travel plan.

12-.Once closed the travel plan press the button “<” and we that’s all, you have the travel plan defined.