Champagne and the Ardennes


Hautvillers, Champagne

The worldwide famed beverage is the reason why most people visit Champagne.  Away from the vineyards with their serried ranks of vines, the region’s rolling plains include great extensions of wheat and cabbages.

Although not a tourist region, the cathedral city of Reims, is worth a visit,. Some of the most interesting champagne houses are found here, the caves beneath them notable for their vaulted ceilings and kilometres of bottles. Épernay, a smaller town surrounded by vineyards, is the scenic heart of the region. The champagne maisons here are not hidden among city streets.

Across the plains, Châlons-en-Champagne and the smaller further-flung towns like Chaumont or Langres, dotted along the Marne towards its source, are some other places of interest. The town of Troyes, smaller than Reims, it’s a great place to stroll through the cobbled streets and admire the city’s ancient timbered houses.

And at Ardennes Regional Park you can enjoy some picturesque little towns with the river looping through them, and great viewpoints to enjoy these river sceneries. A great destination not far from Paris. You can get to know it with our app.