antelope, usa, arizona


From today you can already enjoy our new destination in the app: Arizona. This US state has an incredible natural wealth. Many natural sites have been used hundreds of times in movies. Above all there is one of the natural wonders in the world, the Grand Canyon. An impressive National Park with a lot to offer. And another wonder is the Monument Valley within Navajo Nation, with its buttes and mesas in a deep red color over the desert. The Waterholes Canyon, Sedona region, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Canyon de Chelly, Vermilion Clliffs or the Petrified Forest National Park are other destinations no to be missed. A true paradise for nature lovers.


And you will find not only majestic nature here, but also legendary towns of the Far West as Tombstone, Yuma or the old mining towns like Jerome, Globe or Goldfield with a special charm. And Arizona features also big cities with all kinds of cultural and leisure opportunities such as Phoenix and Tucson. Without any doubt, an impressive destination.

grand canyon, usa, arizona, national park