Scotland is now available in TravelEchoes



Scotland is really a very special destination, a paradise for nature lovers, but not only that, it also houses charming and picturesque villages and a beautiful city: Edinburgh. At TravelEchoes we have wanted this to be our first destination after the app launch, since it is one of our favorite ones.

Open air lovers and mountaineers will discover here real unique treasures, trekking routes crossing incredible isolated landscapes, not only in the mountains but also in Scotland’s fantastic coastline. And the real thing is that in Scotland you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, remote wild beaches, with crystal clear waters and almost virgin environments. About mountain routes, there are lots of them suitable for every kind of person: from easy ones to strenuous and hard ones, but all of them will offer the hiker an incredibly unspoilt  scenery, as for example in the Highlands.

And not only is Scotland a nature paradise, it is much more. Its rich and ancient history has left all kind of vestiges around the country, from plenty of prehistoric monuments to a rich collection of castles, some of them found on remote and picturesque locations. There are also a lot of charming little villages in Scotland, such as the different fishing villages you will come through in East Neuk. And more, Scottish cities are full of cultural facilities. Among all of them the highlight is the city of Edinburgh, a sometimes less known jewel, but for sure you will find it so attractive as other European capitals.


All in all, Scotland has a lot to offer to every kind of visitor. So if you haven`t made up your mind about your next destination, be sure Scotland is a great choice!!